Friday, June 15, 2007

What a weird combination

I had this for my lunch. A home-cooked porridge. I was shocked when I first scooped it up. There were groundnuts, potatoes, hot dogs, carrots, chicken breasts meat inside the porridge - altogether.

What a weird combination, don't you agree?

I suppose I had a concoction for my lunch.

And thank god, I'm still alive.

What did you had for your lunch? I bet at least it sounds much better than this, er, "well-mixed porridge"?


Jilly said...

Oh yes, it does sound weird. Actually I love porridge but only with honey and then it is for breakfast.

As for lunch - my favourite is buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes dressed with olive oil and basil and with good wholemeal bread.

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Lunch? In Asia and Australia-New Zealand. Here in Europe we have just had breakfast and in USA (North-South) they are sleeping yet :-) --- This give an idea on what the internet first and DP later are able to do... Sorry, this doesn't match so much with your question. At lunch, in office, I just have a sandwich dreaming on what Jilly eat

~tanty~ said...

But how about the taste? Is it good, bad or good enough?
Have a great weekend Emily :)

Anonymous said...

Emily it is still 5:00 a.m. here and I have to have breakfast first. I will have some meat and a salad and some soup for my lunch. My wife, Patty, will prepare it. She has been fixing meals for me since 1955.

Abraham Lincoln
Today you will get to see the baby raccoons...
Brookville Daily Photo

Keropok Man said...

i think it's not that weird.

some mix porridge have peanuts in it. you make me wanna have porridge now. haha...

psst, if you really really want to know what I eat daily? take a peek at:

no no, i am not a glutton! hehe...

zannnie said...

haha so typical of asian cooking ;) but given the similar ingredients i would cook the carrots, groundnuts and chicken with the porridge also :)

dijah said...

Oho,wierd one Emily.I'm having briyani!

Emily Lin said...

Jilly: Wow that sounds yummy! I love cheese!! :))

Fabrizio: Haha.. sandwich sounds good too..

Tanty: It tastes good. Not as bad as it looks like. :p

Abraham: Sounds great! I wished I had someone who prepared for my meal everyday. :p

Keropok Man: Porridge with groundnuts is not that weird. But those mixed altogether were looking a bit weird, tho. :p

Zannnie: Hmm.. it's true. It's much more like a typical asian cooking ;)

Dijah: Wow.. briyani! I'm drooling over it now! :p

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I had falafel sandwich with babaganosh and tabuleh for dinner tonight at the Lebonese restaurant.

Who cooked your porridge??

Emily Lin said...

Ming: I've never heard those dishes before.. It sounds interesting.. I bet it definitely tastes great! :) Well..the porridge was cooked by my housemaid.. :)