Monday, July 30, 2007

selling flower

malaysia flowers
It's a hot day and I could hardly open my eyes. The lady was standing in front of the stalls and thinking about which flower she should buy. This is a stall beside of the Kajang Big Market. Most people are buying the flowers for praying purposes. Notice it's chrysanthemum- most of the Buddhist will use it during praying ceremony. And I'm really sorry about the overexposed part. Hope you guys wouldn't mind.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wet market

Kajang (malaysia) wet market
I haven't been updating since last week because I've been busy studying for my mid-term test. Well, I think it's all good now. :)

So this morning, I went to Pasar Besar Kajang which loosely translated as Kajang Big Market. It's one of the wet markets situated in Kajang. Well, it's wet market so obviously the floor is REALLY wet. You have to be really careful when you're walking. And it's pretty smelly, too - with the smell of fish and chicken and vegetable, all blending together.

This is the first stall that I'd visited. I wanted to buy some ingredients for cooking like mushrooms, onions, garlics and etc. I DO cook - once in a while when my roommies is not around. Because she cooks better. :p

So, do you cook?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Work for living

ice cream man
I was stopping in front of traffic lights and while waiting for the green light, I was playing and snapping pictures by using my oh-so-small compact digital camera. This is one of the pictures I've taken during the waiting. The guy who's riding his motorcycle is an ice-cream selling man. It was a rainy day, but still the guy had to drive around to sell off his ice-cream. It's for the sake of his living. I salute him.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Is it dying?

This is a branching tree which is near my house. I wonder if it's dying now or getting a new life because some small hardly-noticed leaves have been seen on the tips of the branches.

To me, I guess it has come to the death. But another chapter of life will surely begin. A new life will soon to be born.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Seri Saujana Bridge

putrajaya seri saujana bridge
Seri Saujana Bridge is one of the many bridges in Putrajaya. Yesterday I was driving around and slacking around with couple of my friends around Putrajaya and Cyberjaya area. It was 12 midnight, if I'm not mistaken.

I have memory of goldfish and so I had forgotten to bring my camera out! Oh well, I think it's because the size of the camera is too small for me to notice it, or not? Anyway, thanks Lit Shiuan for lending me his Olympus digital cam. I managed to shot some funny poses of them standing high on the bridge, too. You can view all of them here.

I shall get rid of my goldfish's memory and remember of bringing the gear along with me next time.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dare to dive in?

Chili;s Grill and Bar Restaurant

I will. I will definitely dive into it IF I was a piece of chili - because I was too HOT.

Here's a picture taken in the Chili's Grill and Bar Restaurant while I was having a glass of mango juice.

I bet the Chili Man in the picture must be really enjoying to dive himself in a pool which fulled with cold Margarita.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How to stay awake

old town kopitiam
Sorry for disappearing from the DP community for ages. I was not in vacation but just have been very busy lately which eventually has caused the lack of photo.

Anyway, here I am again, showing you a photo of a local franchise in Malaysia called the Old Town Kopitiam. It's a franchise which sells food like coffee [a bit different from Starbucks'], freshly-baked toast, fresh-boiled egg, noodles and etc. It's famous for its White Coffee. You should try it out in Malaysia. The price is very reasonable, too. The average price of a cup of coffee just cost you RM 2.50 - way cheaper than that of Starbucks which cost around RM10 for a "tall" latte.

I would agree with the ads - one cup is never enough. :p

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thirsty? I bet you were.

I was actually planning to post this picture during the July's Theme Day but somehow, I accidentally deleted the WHOLE bunch of photos and had failed to recover the file. So I ended up with the "red boxer thingy" after much consideration and frustration that was going through inside of me.

Few days ago, I only realized that I've saved the WHOLE bunch of photos in somewhere of my laptop. Duh.

Anyway, I'm glad they are still here. :)

The guy in the photo is my buddy, Billy. Oh and I always love seeing the photos taken by him. Anyhow, I think he must be feeling REALLY thirsty until he ended up with drinking the water from the hose for the fire rescuer purposes?

Oh, for you information: He failed to drink any water in the end. The hose was empty. *Hahaha*

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Stepping up to the blue sky

Here I took another shot of the Chinese Temple in a moving car. It is called as "Shi Na Tok" in Chinese and situated at Broga, to be exact. and I've posted the closer shot of it in my previous post.

Monday, July 2, 2007


Yesterday afternoon, I went to Broga (a small town which situated from Kajang for about 30 minutes distance) with my sister and her friend for eating Chinese style of Ikan Bakar. It's delicious!

While on our way to the shop, I saw many a lot of deforestation were going on there, especially at the roadside. I think they want to enlarge the road as the road is small and very bumpy.

Thousands of tree have been cutting down since then. It's sad to see the balded hill with no tree on it. The weather has been really hot lately. May be due to the excessive amount of deforestation?

What should we do to stop the deforestation? The Mother Nature is calling for help now.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

July Theme Day: Red

This month DP theme day is "Red".

Red boxer, kick-boxing. Tough muscle.


How hot is that?

It's certainly "It's a fashion knock-out".

p/s: This is an adverts of Maybird Socks Shop. It was taken in the Midvaley Shopping Mall at KL. Sorry for the hand shaking motion.

So do you have some cool adverts back in your city? Have you ever feel amazed by those adverts?

98 city daily photo blogs are participating in this theme day today, why don't you pay them a visit? Click on the licks below and be ready to get your eyes all red!! :)

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