Sunday, July 22, 2007

Is it dying?

This is a branching tree which is near my house. I wonder if it's dying now or getting a new life because some small hardly-noticed leaves have been seen on the tips of the branches.

To me, I guess it has come to the death. But another chapter of life will surely begin. A new life will soon to be born.


travelphilippines said...

hmmmm autumn tree hehe. the skywas perfect.

Dijah said...

I think that it is starting a new life.

GMG said...

Probably not... Anyhow, if it happens someone is going to grow a new one... hopefully!

Emily Lin said...

Travelphilippines: Yea that's what I was thinking about when I took this picture. The sky was wonderful.

Dijah: I do hope too. But I've been there for 2nd look and I'm afraid it's not. :(

Gmg: Yea.. hopefully someone will grow another new tree till then! :)