Friday, July 20, 2007

Seri Saujana Bridge

putrajaya seri saujana bridge
Seri Saujana Bridge is one of the many bridges in Putrajaya. Yesterday I was driving around and slacking around with couple of my friends around Putrajaya and Cyberjaya area. It was 12 midnight, if I'm not mistaken.

I have memory of goldfish and so I had forgotten to bring my camera out! Oh well, I think it's because the size of the camera is too small for me to notice it, or not? Anyway, thanks Lit Shiuan for lending me his Olympus digital cam. I managed to shot some funny poses of them standing high on the bridge, too. You can view all of them here.

I shall get rid of my goldfish's memory and remember of bringing the gear along with me next time.


Fénix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

Looks like you guys were having a blast last night! Cool pix of your friends goofing around on that bridge :).

Your other blog is very interesting too (and lots of fun).

Enjoy your weekend, Emily Lin.

GMG said...

Glad to see you back posting and commenting. This one is a superb picture; loved that bridge!

iBlowfish said...

Interesting shot!, those lines with dark in background.

slinger said...

Whoa! I've seen photos like this, but NEVER at night. Makes it very interesting. Well done

Château-Gontierdailyphoto said...

Nice view - My favorite picture today...I put a link from my blog to yours.

lv2scpbk said...

Love the lines you captured in this photo. Excellent!

inspired said...

EXlenT A* :o]

Emily Lin said...

Thank you everyone who's dropping by.. Thanks for the sweet comments. :)

Dijah said...

I've never been on that bridge.I should go there some time.

Have a nice week Emily!
BTW,have you bought the latest Harry Potter book?

Château-Gontierdailyphoto said...

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Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

Oh It's stunning this photo. I love so much lines of escapes of the bridge and how you caught them. Great photo indeed.