Sunday, May 20, 2007


The photo I posted yesterday was taken at this temple. We called it "Shi Na Tok Temple", as shown on the arc. The temple is situated at Semenyih.(one of the town in Hulu Langat district.) There are some sculpture in the temple, and I've snapped some photos of them. I'll be posting them these couple of days, perharps. Should I? Anyway, I went there on last week after having a trip at Sungai Tekala (Tekala River), in Semenyih.

So, do you have this kind of temple in your city? Have you ever been to temple?


Martel said...

this temple is very beautiful. I like much. In Quercy, we have large churches, castles, manors, but of temple like that

My blog photographs one Martel

dijah said...

Of course we have temples here in Malaysia dear. ;]
But I've never been to one,just passed by them at Petaling Street.


Have you ever ben to Petaling Street?

The Salems said...

i've never been to a temple but i'm sure we have one somewhere.
looks very colorful mind ...
& Thank you 4 your visit..

Kate said...

The angle of this shot makes an interesting photo, especially to showcase the intricate carvings. No, our city does not have any temples; it has lots of churches and synogoges (sp!), tho. I've been to many different temples in India, Thailand, and Bali, tho. Very interesting to me of a different faith.

kris said...

do show us around as i havent been there ;)

we dont have a temple just a japanese-design gate!

Jilly said...

Beautiful temple and taken from an interesting angle. I've visited temples in Singapore and Hong Kong. Fascinating.

Carolina Lange said...

Wow, this temple is amazing! I live in Brasil, we do not have temples here, but I've been to temples and find them very interesting and beautiful!

Emily Lin said...

Martel: Wow.. Castle! It must be beautiful! I've never seen a real castle before; just a sand castle :p

Dijah: Haha.. of course we do have :p Oh the temple near Petaling Street! I know that one but never been there before. But of course I've been to Petaling Street dear. Can get lotsa nice food there. :)

Kate: Sounds great! I know there are many temples in Thailand and all of them are really amazing, but I've haven't been there tho. And thanks again. :)

Kris: Japanese gate? You mean japanese temple with japanese gate? :p Or just a japanese gate and nothing more?

Jilly: It's awesome! I've been to temples in Singapore and Hong Kong too. And thanks for the comment! :D

Carolina: Thanks for your comment. We do have some temples which are more beautiful and I'll show you guys in future.