Monday, May 28, 2007

The famous food in Kajang

This is called Satay. It's consisting chunks of meats (chicken, beef, lamb & etc) on bamboo skewers, which are barbecued over a charcoal fire, then served with its special seasoning. In Kajang, It may be served with a spicy peanut sauce dip, or peanut gravy, slivers of onions and cucumbers, and ketupat. Kajang is famous because of that.

The photo was taken during me eating satay couple days before. The old uncle was grilling the satay with fully concentration. He knew I was taking his picture, but just look at me without saying anything. He's cool! :)


Beetle said...

I just got back this weekend from The Haque (Den Haag) visited their annual "Pasar Malam Besar" and they got this Satay too...It's delicious but I don't like with peanuts butter

Icarus said...

After the strong week of photos that you have posted, you deserved the satay Emily.
I'll have 2 dozen, please. With some Ahem sauce.....NO!! It's only a joke!!!

Martel said...

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kris said...

yes, give me satay anytime of the day! truth is i'm nuts for the peanuts sauce,really :p

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed my visit to your blog today.

I have some good news:

The three baby robins are on their way to Meet the World. I miss them already. It was quite an emotional experience.
Brookville Daily Photo

Ainuddin said...

I accidently discovered your blog. I love all those pics, particularly those featuring Kajang.
When I'm ready to relaunch I will request for your approval to feature some of your pics at

Emily Lin said...

Ainuddin: thanks for the compliment. ;) You can drop me an email if you need my anything. I will try my best to help u ;) And you shall drop me an email too if the has launched! ;)