Monday, May 7, 2007

Kenderaan ringan sahaja

For those who doesn't read Malay, you might be wondering what is the meaning of that sentences. Well, it's basically translated as "Light Vehicle Only". The 5T numbering above the words I guess it means the vehicle's weight must be less than 5 tons? So technically the vehicle which is more than 5 tons will not be seen on this road. But, when I turned my head after the picture was taken, a huge lorry was just passing by. So I guess the signboard is useless. Nothing's gonna change. Anyway, I took this in Kajang and I thought it looked really old-ish. I think it has been existed since I was born. Literally.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Emily Lin,

From Abraham Lincoln, in Brookville, Ohio. You stopped at my blog and left a nice comment about my Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. I wanted to return your visit and say, "Hello," to you, and to thank you for visiting my blog.

We have signs like the one you photographed. Our signs are placed just before you go across a bridge. It will say, "Load Limit 5 Tons," and if you cross the bridge and break it down because your truck weighs 10 tons, for example, then you will have to build a replacement bridge, or pay a fine, or be killed in the bridge collapse.

Maybe your sign means there are bridges on the road that may fall down if your vehicle weighs more than 5 tons.

Who knows?

Thanks again for visiting.
Brookville Daily Photo

Emily Lin said...

Hi Abraham.. thanks for the lovely comment.. Well frankly speaking, the road is "solid" all the way, and there is no any bridge to be seen in 500m distance. I've been wondering for quite a while but still have no idea what's that sign for :)

Anyway, thanks again for visiting :)

Nai Shyong said...

You really are paying attention to a lot of little details around you !!! *respect* :P

Zsolt said...

your icon photo is very cute:) Are Malaysian eyes like this?:)

Cordie said...

sick picture. i love this site

edwin s said...

hey there emily...just dropped in to say thanks for popping into KLDP and twotowers. It's always good to have another DP blogger.

And to answer your question, No, I'm not a photographer :)