Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dragon? Sea turtle?

Frankly speaking, I have no idea what was that. Its head looks like a dragon's head. But its body looks like it belongs to the sea turtle. Perharps I should stop thinking and guessing on what is it, I should think about how am I suppose to "drag" the gold and pearls from the back of it.

Me: "Hey Mr. Turtle-Dragon*, please please gimme some of them!"

Mr. Turtle-Dragon*: "Haha. You stupid girl. You thought these are real??!"

Me: -_-""

Sorry guys, I've had gone quite crazy after having 2 exams just now. Excuse the random topic :p


dijah said...

I understand getting crazy after exams.I have a truckload of notes to read before Monday!


BTW,don't stress your self,and and.
Have a nice weekend-eventhough it's nearly over.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Interesting photo. I have never heard of such a combination. Is this at a Buddhist temple?

Ming_the_Merciless said...

BTW, good luck on the final exams.

Emily Lin said...

Dijah: We have gone gila, aren't we? :D I'm trying my best to finish all of the notes by Tuesday. Gawd. And it seems impossible.

Ming: yea. This was taken at a temple. Not originally Buddhist but it's a chinese temple. And thanks for the wishes. :)

wing_hk said...

I just enter this blog incidentally while I was search for some claimed "Dragon" photo (in the sky during storm) taken in Malaysia.

Actually that animal can be easily found in Forbidden City, Beijing. Chinese just combine 2 famous animals: Dragon's power and Turtle's longevity

chriss said...

This is a statue of a creature/symbol called the Dragon Turtle. It doesn't depict an actual animal but is a composite beast combining two of the four celestial animals. The dragon turtle/turtle dragon is Chinese in origin but is found in many other countries in the Asian region (such as Japan). In addition to being found in temples and palaces, the turtle dragon is a popular Fengu Shui symbol, where it's usually shown on a pile of coins with a baby turtle on its back. Wikipedia has a decent little article about this creature/symbol ( ).