Thursday, May 17, 2007

That sky, that building.

I was on my way to the campus because I'll be having an exam later. And I saw this, the combination of the blue sky and the quirky building were just nice. While my one hand was holding the steering, another hand of mine grapped the camera quickly without doubting it might be caused an accident. Well, anyway there was no car behind me on that moment, so don't worry :p
This building is an empty building in Cyberjaya which has been left over by the company.

Having my final exam later. Wish me luck :D

Or at least wish me not going to screw this up. Till then.


Sabrina said...

Nice shot, the combination of the building and the blue ieee sky was just nice ^^
Anyway, wish you a very good luck in ur coming exam~

Zsolt said...

i am sure your exam will be successful!:) Maybe when I am writing this you already have passed it!

The Salems said...

yes best wishes for the Exam...the blue sky's the limit...

dijah said...

Nice shot Emily.Luckily you managed to take a picture without risking your life!

Good luck in your exam Emily!

julia said...

Cyberjaya, that sure is a quirky name, safe driving and success to you!

Icarus said...

I wonder why I cannot resist taking a photo while I'm driving, but I am totally disciplined not to use the mobile phone NEVER when I'm at the wheel?
Yes, what does Cyberjaya mean? Seriously, I mean it this time, not like ahem, etc!
By now, the exam's well over. Was it good?

Emily Lin said...

Julia: Yea Cyberjaya does sounds quirky for those who doesn't speak Malay.(jaya is a malay word literally translated as "success")

Icarus: It's known as the Silicon Valley of Malaysia as it's an IT-themed city. Quite amount of international companies have located their operations here. BTW, my university is situated in Cyberjaya so that's why I am here :) No "ahem" this time :p
I'll be having my exams until 23th of May.. and after this is - party time~!

And thank you all for all of your concerns and comments :D