Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I got to admit that this photo was actually taken during my trip to Perhentian Island in Terengganu (one of the state in Malaysia), last year. Please forgive me for posting photo which's originally taken from different city. You see, I'm staying in Kajang (one of the city in Selangor state), but I'll be staying in Cyberjaya (another city) too during my school days, so this is tough for me to choose which city photo I want to post. Instead of choosing a city, I named my blog as "Malaysia Daily Photo", so I'll be posting photos taken in Malaysia, not only restrict to one city. Hope you guys wouldn't mind. Would you?

I was looking at the sun slowly faded out, and sank into the sea. The guys had just got back from fishing, I thought so. Wonderful holiday. You guys should really check out Perhentian Island. It's a great place to relax.

It's heavenly.


Sabrina said...

For sure, Pulau Perhentian is a nice place to visit!!! I wish somehow somedays i can go there.. T.T My friend going there tonight,sobsobs..nice shot yea dear!!! Sunset AWESOME

kris said...

Wonderful photo!

me and friends skipped this island for Redang Island as we wanted to see the smaller island from movie momo cha (so lame :)

The Salems said...

Wow that is fantastic...
""the sun sets on one shore at the same moment it rises on another shore..salem07..""

Thank you for your comment on the sunrise..

dijah said...

nice sunset!the last time I went to a paradise island was last year at Langkawi.

BTW,good luck for your exam!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Oh my, what a beautiful photo. Brilliant capture.

I have never done sunset photos mainly because there are not many places to see the sunset in NYC.

edwin s said...

soooo cantik. take me there now!

Carolina Lange said...

What a beautiful place! Great photo!

Emily Lin said...

Sabrina: We should go there together! it's awesome :D

Kris: Thanks! Redang is beautiful too :) Not really lame la :p

Salems: Haha yea.. What a coincidence.. You've got a sunrise shot and I've got a sunset shot :p

Dijah: Certainly! Langkawi is a paradise. I wished I could go there again. But it's like forever :(

Ming: Well, your photos are already amazing though there aren't any sunset pics :D Oh seeing those mouth-watering food just making me hungry :p

Edwin: It's not really far from kl what.. You can go there anytime.. or even now :p

Carolina: Thanks! :D

Sonia said...

Wow! Just gorgeous photo! I am glad you found me and I like so much your blog!

Thanks for your visit on my place and nice greetings to my son Fernando!

See you soon!

Icarus said...

I think you have explained it perfectly & clearly no apologiy necessary. You did right to call it Malaysia DP, if you are travelling so much. Gives you a whole lot of choicesAnd if the City DPers object tough! Refer them to your Uncle Icarus.
BTW, Emily, I'm always posting pics of stunning Portugal - except the unque exception this week - haven't you been over to see? Shame on You! ...Er...ahem, ahem a-..LOL!

Emily Lin said...

Icarus: Thanks for the words. I felt much "relieved" after seeing these. Sorry Icarus, I've been pretty busy lately so I haven't got the chance to go through all of your wonderful pictures yet. I will after finishing the bloody exams :p
p/s: To be honest, you've used "ahem" too frequently. Have you taken your medicine for curing the cough? LOL
:p :p :p

Anonymous said...

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