Monday, May 21, 2007

Chinese temple

Another shot in the Shi Na Tok Temple. The small area with a roof top is the typical look of the resting area in temples. Actually the structure of the whole temple is much more the same idea. Well, you know, with the sculpture of dragon, flaming-like design on the edge of the building and etc. I've been standing there for 5 minutes without moving, and feeling amazed with the structure of temple. The sun was shining dazzlingly. It was a wonderful day, indeed.

I wonder should I post another photo of arc which's different from the previous post. What do you think? You guys must be bored of these, right?

Anyway, have a nice week ahead! It's Monday! :)

p/s: Notice that I've changed my blog's name to Kajang (Malaysia) Daily Photo. I'll be mainly posting photos taken in my city - Kajang. By the way, would you guys mind if I posted photos of Cyberjaya and Kuala Lumpur occationally [as well as other places in Malaysia] as I'm travelling around on a weekly basis? Please leave some helpful comments and advices. Thanks! :)


Keropok Man said...

Oh.. a name change!

We dont mind Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, KL photos. They are all nearby ;-)

Zsolt said...

it is wonderful with the lights! and I join Keropok man..I do not mind which part of Malaysia you post about:) Every place is like present for me!

kris said...

wonderful view, and shot!

i dont mind about the different locations, a suggestion why not name it as Selangor DP lah for wider coverage?

Emily Lin said...

Thank you guys for stopping by and giving me some opinions. :)Felt much relieved after seeing the messages. :)

Kris: I wanted to name it Selangor but I'll practically "against" one of the rule in DP - Only city. Not a state, borough or country. :p But if I named it as Kajang(Malaysia), perharps I can post some photos of other city nearby Kajang.Because there's a "Malaysia" in the name of my blog :p I've got this idea from another DP member, Menton, tho. :D
I think should be no problem, perharps? :p

Pod said...

ooh lovely sunny rays. hope the sun shines on your hair today miss lin!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

The photo looks like a scene from a kung-fu movie.

Is Kajang near KL?

Emily Lin said...

Pod: Thanks! :)

Ming: Yea.. it's quite near actually. Just within 30 min distance. :)