Monday, May 14, 2007

Stall lady

This is a typical look of Malay food stall in Malaysia. The photo was taken in the housing area of Kajang, which's near my house. I think they sell "nasi lemak"(a type of malay delicacies which consist of rice and chili, literally translated as "rice in fat") and also some other kuih-muih (Asian concept of "cakes" and "pastries" which are more often steamed than baked, so it's different in texture, apperance and taste from Western cake and pastries.). The lil' food stall is situated right beside the road, so people will just park their car beside the road. But it won't cause any traffic jam because there aren't much car passing by anyway.

Tomorrow I'll show you guys what I ate there. It's something nice to eat during this extremely hot weather. (Hint: It's iced cold but it's whole lot different from icecream.)


kris said...

cant go wrong with stall like this :)

Peter said...

I love to see pictures and stories like this. I imagine the atmosphere. Never been to your country, but adored some visits to Asian countries. More of this, please!