Friday, May 18, 2007

For Kajang Police Station, please call 03-87362222.

This is the police station situated in Kajang, my hometown. I bet this is the typical look of police station in Malaysia. Blue and white in colour. Of course there's a different in size of the building. Police station back in Kuala Lumpur would be much bigger, and maybe much better looking.

As you can see from the board there, it says "Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah". "Ibu Pejabat" is literally translated as the headquaters, "polis" is the malay pronounciation of police, whereas "daerah" is carrying the meaning of district. So it's District Police Headquarters in English. Hope you've learnt something today :)

By the way, our Royal Malaysian Police's motto is "Mesra, Cepat, & Betul" which means Friendly, Fast, and Correct.

But I think we as a Malaysian, we prefer the previous motto which is "Bersih, Cekap & Amanah" because we need it badly. This is literally translated as Clean, Proficient and Trustworthy. Well, better not to say too much here. All I can say is corruption still happens these day.


Sally said...

I certainly learned something tody - thanks.

Glenn Standish said...

Yes a very interesting post today. Well done! Greetings from ToruĊ„ Daily Photo here in Poland!

kris said...

i agree with you, Emily!
perhaps they realised the earlier motto is a tough act to follow :p

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Yeah, I hear corruption is pretty bad in Malaysia.

Martel said...

In Martel we do not have a police station, just the gendarmerie.

My blog photographs one Martel

dijah said...

sixth sense eyh Emily?
I think we do!

Emily Lin said...

Sally, Glenn, Martel: Thanks for stopping by :)

Kris: I bet.. haha :D

Ming: I think now it has been improved. But still, we can't help it.

Dijah: Teehee :p

Keropok Man said...

Yes, it's the typical look of police station in Malaysia. hehe

Look at this link from Batu Pahat, the colour, structure of building is the same!