Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sleeping Buddha

sleeping buddha
Sorry guys, been missing for a few days. I was technically in the state of melancholy for the past 2 days. I wish everything will be turned out fine and the issue will be settled as soon as possible so that I will be feeling less troublesome by the problem that I'm facing now. Oh well.

And so I'm looking at the photograph of Sleeping Buddha which was taken during my trip to Penang, to seek the peacefulness within myself. Life has been up and down. A lot of time we seek the "truth" and try to convince ourself that we are not alone from the religious perspective. It might not be a 100% solution to your problem, but at least it will comfort your soul more than a little.


Ming_the_Merciless said...

Sorry I missed the chance to meet up with you when I was in KL last weekend.

Hope you did well on your final exams.

Dijah said...

Gorgeous picture.I've never been there though.The last time I went to Penang was about 6 years back or so.I miss the night market the most.

Emily Lin said...

Ming: Haha anyway I can see your face (which has not being revealed)in Edwin's post lol. :P And thanks for the wishes. =)

Dijah: Thanks =). The night market which I had been to was okay. I think the night market here is better. :) But anyhow, penang has its own attraction to me - the old buildings and the foods!! :D

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

I understand what you mean and what you felt. I can only wish you to pass quickly over. Hugs !

Kamagra said...

this is one of the most famous Buddha sculpture, and the most used to manufactured replics, in my case I want to visit the original one in The People's Republic of China.

pharmacy said...

I'd like to know that Buddha because I want to change my religion I want to adore that statue because it seems so interesting.